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At Airrath Charter Service our mission is simple: To provide our customers with outstanding service, unrivalled flexibility and unparalleled value. We match those who need to charter aircraft, large or small, passenger or cargo; not just the right aircraft type but specifically the right aircraft from the right operator available on the day. We are backed with state-of-the-art aircraft like Augusta 109, BELL 407, King Air B 200, King Air C90. This makes sure that customers are served with superior range of services at affordable charges. We also emphasize on personnel training and research & development.


Air Charter Services is continually expanding our range of domestic and international business activities. Assignments span from short-term domestic operations, to worldwide delivery and long term international aircraft support. This expansion creates career opportunities for professional, talented, and dedicated individuals with a passion for flying.

Aviation professionals looking to experience a different approach to corporate aviation, who want a greater career challenge are invited to submit credentials and experience to the team at Air Charter Services.

Air Services

Air Charter Services has a dedicated team trained in aero - medical transport to fly critically ill patients to hospitals anywhere in India and Middle East. For evacuation, a fully trained team, comprising of a cardiologist, an anesthetist, a nurse, and other medical personnel, with all the essential life saving equipments like the ventilator, defibrillator, monitor, IABP etc. can be arranged on very short notice.

Our preferred aircraft for this specific purpose is the Pilatus PC12.