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An ATPL is the highest licence a pilot can obtain and is the qualification that allows the holder to act as the Pilot in Command (PIC), or Captain of a large transport aircraft.

Although it is true to say that there are other types of aerial work a pilot is able to do while holding only a Commercial Licence, the ATPL is generally considered to be the qualification work towards.

The issue of an ATPL entitles the holder to:

  • Act as pilot-in-command (PIC) of an aircraft in air carrier service
  • Act as PIC in aircraft with a max gross weight over 5,700 kg (12,500 lb) and/or over 9 passenger seats
  • Act as the commander of an aircraft, for valuable consideration (Pay)
  • Act as the commander of a multi-crew aircraft for which they are qualified

As you would imagine, there are a number of steps to be completed before an individual can apply for an ATPL and the process can be both daunting and expensive. It is wise to gather as much information as possible before making any commitment to undertake that training.

Take time to learn and understand the training process that will be required and gather information from as many different sources as you can. As stated above, the requirements placed upon a pilot to gain an ATPL can appear daunting at first, but they are achievable. They can be thought of as a number of discrete steps that, once understood, can easily be planned.


1. Gen Navigation

2. Radio Aids And Instruments

3. Aviation Meteorology