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RTR (A) Radio Telephony Classes


RTR(A) CLASSES are professionally managed by experienced Aviation Professional. Airath has given many professional pilots to aviation industry. He has guided many CPL/ AME aspirants, first officers and commanders to get through their RTR(A) exams. He has set a benchmark in RTR training by passing results.

Part I – Transmission

Part II – Theory

RTR(A) Exam is conducted by WPC in every 2 months.

Professional Training includes -75 hrs of Instruction.


Part 1 Exam- ATS route charts, transmission techniques, formats of transmission as per AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication), India.

Situational calls. 50 current Question papers of last 5 attempts (Question papers as stated by the appeared candidates) will be covered as per WPC examination standards.

Part 2 Exam- Basic electricity, Radio Navigational Aids, working of transmitter-receiver, modulation, HF-VHF communication, Regulations, flight plan etc. A series of 200 FAQ’s (as stated by the appeared candidates) will be covered.

Duration: 35 Days

All study material will be provided by the Academy.