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Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Airrath Aviation Pilot Training Academy has designed a Commercial Pilot Training Programme. The course is so designed so to conduct Theory Classes, followed by the Flying Training(India and Abroad)

Airrath Aviation Pilot Training Academy provides you with professional ground training for obtaining a CPL, using world class training aids, by highly qualified and current Airline Pilots as faculty, who provide you technical education using the syllabus, as per guidelines issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation.

Airrath Aviation Pilot Training Academy has a State of the Art Training facility for the Pilots with Computer Based Training provided as well. The aspiring Pilots are required to either complete the required 200+ hours of flying in India or abroad. If the student wishes to do his flying training Abroad then Airrath Aviation provides all possible aid & also help the Student to get his DGCA license converted on completion of his Flying Training abroad. 


At AAPTA, we respect and nature every student's individuality and are devoted to giving our students training for life. Our subject matter relentlessly challenge limits and use innovative and experiential teaching methods to make the learning process extremely enjoyable & enlightening for our students.

The faculty at AAPTA consists of men and women of outstanding academic, research and professional caliber and they epitomes the commitment of AAPTA to help students succeed by providing quality, personalized instruction. Members of the faculty are encouraged to continue the learning process through active participation in conferences, seminars and by publishing papers. In addition to providing knowledge and experience, the faculty commits its time to help each student achieve their individual goals.


What You Need to get CPL:


Before enrolling students will have to undergo a Class II Medical exam, with a appointed doctor, who is D.G.C.A and FAA approved.

Class I Medical Certificate issued by Central Medical Establishment on behalf of Director of Medical Services, New Delhi needs to be obtained before the issuance of a Commercial Pilot License by D.G.C.A.


For gaining a CPL (Commercial Pilot's License) you need to undergo training in Ground Subjects:

Air Regulations

Air Meteorology

Air Navigation

Technical(general and specific)



So to become a pilot in india you have to complete 200 hours of flying training from a dgca approved flying school, 

Now the first factor that you have to consider is cost,

What is the cost of flying training in INDIA or ABROAD ?

So the cost of flying training in india varies from38 lakh to 52 lakh.

Whereas flying cost in abroad countries like SOUTH AFRICA, USA, NEWZEALAND etc. ranges from 38 lac to 58 lacs aprox.

So AAPTA plays an important role in Guiding its student to complete the flying from india as well as abroad.



As per the new DGCA regulations, the eligibility criteria are.

Should have obtained minimum age of 17 year

Should be minimum 10 + 2 (HSC) with English, Physics and Mathematics.

Should clear a Class II Medical before commencement of his Training.