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FLIGHT training is one of the most important and exciting phase of pilot training. For those who have dreamed of flying in the skies and are determined enough to make their dreams of becoming a pilot & commanding an aircraft into reality, AAPTA offers flying training in one of the best flying schools in INDIA and ABROAD.

We understand that pilot training is expensive & serious business and choosing a flying school which fits Indian student’s requirements can be a challenging task so here  AIRRATH Aviation guides our students through our flying training module which fulfils all DGCA requirements and provides balance in the terms of Quality & Cost. Our Allied pilot training centres work with right training ethos with modern training facilities.

So to become a pilot in india you have to complete 200 hours of flying training from a dgca approved flying school, and for that our Alied flight schools helps students to complete their flying within 12 months and thus saving their lot of time.

Also out Alied partner FLIGHT SCHOOL offers a DGCA compliance FAA CPL PROGRAM. This  modules follows part 141 FAA CPL PROGRAM, which offers 250 hours of actual flying hours with 15 hours on MULTI ENGINE.

Now the first factor that you have to consider while choosing the FLIGHT SCHOOL is COST,

What is the cost of flying training in INDIA or ABROAD ?

So the cost of flying training in india varies from38 lakh to 52 lakh.

Whereas flying cost in abroad countries like SOUTH AFRICA, USA, NEWZEALAND etc. ranges from 38 lac to 58 lacs aprox.

So AAPTA plays an important role in Guiding its student to complete the flying from india as well as abroad.